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Why buy counterfeit US Dollars

#1: Passes all known money tests/contains all security features/spendable everywhere

Undetectable Counterfeit Notes prints grade A US Dollars that measure up to all standards of the Bank of America. Our Dollar notes consists of all security features such as holograms, watermarks, and authorized signatures. Others include:

  • Metallic threads
  • Metallic inks
  • Micro-lettering
  • IR detection
  • Ultraviolet ink
  • Varying serial numbers

These and other features qualify our counterfeit notes as acceptable means of exchange at money exchange outfits. In other words, you can spend our counterfeit US Dollars at:

  • ATMs/Banks
  • Casinos
  • Currency exchange companies
  • Hospitals/pharmacies
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centers, and so much more.

Our counterfeit US Dollar bills pass the pen test and carries the correct color tones of the legal US notes. The lack of discrepancies makes our  Dollar bills worthy of your gigs. And ensures that you can carry out transactions without worries.

#2: Uses acceptable money-paper material

Undetectable Counterfeit Notes does not only recreate US Dollar notes that pass all known money test. But we also use the ideal Bank of America Dollar bills paper requirement. This combination contains cotton and cellulose paper.

As a matter of policy, our team produces Dollar banknotes that contains 25% cellulose paper and 75% cotton. This is the acceptable currency standards for the US  bill.

#3: Involves the best minds in the industry

Undetectable Counterfeit Notes has recruited a team of industry legends who are some of the most sort-after in the currency printing field.

These are researchers, lithographers, printers, and consultants who have devoted themselves to studying currencies. And the various ways to spot lousy currency bills.

#4: Charges affordable rates

When you buy counterfeit US Dollars bills from Undetectable Counterfeit Notes, you pay only a fraction of what others charge. Undetectable Counterfeit Notes makes it a priority to consider your wallet when setting price range. The outcome is that our rates are affordable.

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